A project manager’s snakes and ladders

Some of the unique factors of this game:

There are more snakes than ladders, each one of them is unique

The only way to avoid the snake is not to play the game itself

There are snakes that kill in the game, there is no going up or down. The game ends there before even the player reaches the final block.

Every snake is a metaphor for the risks that could manifest in projects

A project manager is like a snake charmer, he/she skillfully knows how to handle deadly species with ease.

While it’s scary from the outside, a project manager has the braveheart to deal with this uncertainty, that is the passion of the profession.

In addition to those, there are black swans too, these are ‘unknown – unknowns’ The player misses one turn when you hit the black swans.

In spite of all these challenges, at the end of the day, reaching the final blocks gives utmost satisfaction, try it out.

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