Every Sport Teaches Something Profound

Every sport teaches life skills. On the core, there are business lessons embedded in every one of them.

The sack race teaches relentless execution. It is about keeping on running despite the hurdles. It teaches us to work within constraints, yet winning is the only goal.

The Spoon Lemon – a wonderful game designed to experience the power of focus. It is about monotasking and having a laser-sharp focus to succeed in any endeavor

The three-legged race, what can teach more than this simple game on the value of teamwork. Working together and co-creating the path to success is indeed an essential part of all that we do in the corporate world.

Finally, there is one sport that completely mimics how projects are to be executed. The Relay Race, a wonderful metaphor for managing projects. It teaches teamwork, using the expertise of the various people, strengthening the interdependency, and finally winning together. Projects @ Relay Race is a framework that is inspired by relay race, to execute projects with ultimate velocity. Not just a book, but ‘Projects @ Relay Race’ is a concept to accelerate projects. Learn how your project teams can routinely out-do routine speed as Usain Bolt did with his team. Minimize time to market by an easy to manage, quick to deliver relay race model.

Projects @ Relay Race” Deliver projects faster than you ever imagined.

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